Why did lencho write a letter to god

The postmaster was amazed to see that the letter was addressed to none other than God. It is the post office people who send the money to Lencho. From where the huge mountains of clouds could be seen approaching?

Throughout the morning Lencho who knew his fields intimately had done nothing else but see the sky towards the North-East.

A Letter to God

Why did Lencho not want the money to be sent through mail? What did Lencho seek when he went up to the window? It was during the meal that, just as Lencho had predicted, big drops of rain began to fall. Did Lencho try to find out who had sent the money to him?

He first laughed looking at the letter which had a strange address.

CBSE Class-10 (Course-B): A Letter to God

He was angry and he wrote again a letter to god demanding rest of the money. Who does Lencho think has taken the rest of the money?

Lencho was not at all surprised to see the letter from God with money inside it. He required the money to feed his family.


Lencho was a hardworking farmer, who lived on the crest of a low hill. What did Lencho hope for? The hail has left nothing. Lencho wrote in his second letter that he received only seventy pesos but he needed a hundred pesos.

He got angry when he counted the money. Lencho came to the post office again the following Sunday. He had limited fuel so he could neither fly over the clouds nor go back to Paris.

He found no difference between the oppressor and the oppressed. Lencho was not at all surprised to see the letter from God with money inside it. He also called it a glorious human achievement.

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He himself gave a part to his salary. Though, he was a farmer he could read and write. His last hope was the help from God as he had complete faith in him. The family of Lencho welcomed the rain warmly.

Give the paragraph a suitable title.

Model Questions and Answers on A Letter to God by G.L. Fuentes

He pledged to liberate all his people from the continuing bondage of poverty, derivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination. Therefore, he wrote a letter to God expressing his need for a hundred pesos so that he could sow his field again and live until the crop grew again.

He again wrote a letter to God demanding the remaining thirty pesos. You may select appropriate words from the box to answer the question. But soon he became serious. Lencho wrote a second letter to God to complain that only a part of the money reached him. Not even a single leaf was left on the plants.

A Letter to God

What did Lencho hope for?But Lencho is a strong believer in the God and decides to write a letter to the God; asking for some monetary help. Lencho also wishes to repay the debt when the next crop would give him enough money.

After seeing Lencho’s letter, the postmaster is deeply touched by the strong faith of Lencho in the God. (g) The Postmaster came to know about Lencho’s unshakable belief in God by opening and reading the letter of Lencho to God.

Ans: True. (h) Lencho wrote a second letter to God conveying his thanks to Almighty for fulfilling his wish. Answer: The postmaster sent money to Lencho in order to keep Lencho’s faith in God alive. He turned serious when he read Lencho’s letter and wished he had the same faith in God.

He turned serious when he read Lencho’s letter and wished he had the same faith in God. A Letter to God. Summary: This story is written by G L Fuentes. This is a story about the great faith of a simpleton in the God. The story begins with Lencho hoping. Lencho the farmer story? It's just a story of a farmer who lost his crops in a hailstorm and prayed to God devoutly for money to help tide him over.

The post office guys saw it and put in their own money. He sees its less than what he asked for so he writes another letter to God and tells him to. Why does the postmaster send money to Lencho? Why does he sign the letter ‘God’?

Answer Postmaster was moved by Lencho’s complete faith in the God. So, he decided to send money to Lencho. Moreover, the postmaster did not want to shake Lencho’s faith in God.

So, he signed the letter ‘God’.

Why did lencho write a letter to god
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